Leader - D. Wirz - mechanical properties of natural & engineered tissues & related materials, mechanics of implant/tissue interfaces

Short-term Testing of large engineered articular cartilage constructs in a animal knee model 2011 Marcus Mumme, Marcel Jakob, Ivan Martin (Tissue Engineering Group Uni BS/UHBS) Beat Göpfert, Dieter Wirz Founded by Dept. Trauma UHBS

3D-Deformation Measurement of the Human Pelvis Bone 2009-2012 Andreas H. Krieg, Zdzislaw Krol (Orthopedic Dept. University Children’s Hospital Basel) Marie Freslier (Laboratory for Movement Analysis Basel, Children's University Hospital Basel) Beat Göpfert, Cora Huber, Dieter Wirz Founded by Endostiftung Hamburg

Mechanical Strength and 3D-Movement of Bone Fixation in ACL-Reconstruction 2011-2012 Lukas Burger (MD-Thesis Uni Basel) Michael Hirschmann, Markus Arnold, Patrick Meyer (Kantonsspital Bruderholz) Beat Göpfert, Dieter Wirz Founded by Pro Motio Stiftung Basel

Torsional Strength of Rate Bone after TE-Engineered Bone Growth Treatment 2010-2012 Jan Rechsteiner (MD-MS-Thesis Uni Basel) Franziska Saxer, (Tissue Engineering Group Uni BS/UHBS) Beat Göpfert, Dieter Wirz (COB Development of test equipment, Support of mechanical test) Founded by AO Grant

Development of a novel testing-device for dynamic indentation testing of hyaline cartilage (in collaboration with Prof. Hanspeter Schmid, PhD, Hochschule für Technik, Institut für Mikroelektronik FHNW, Windisch, Switzerland)

Development of testing-fixtures for dynamic tension testing of tendons and ligaments.